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The Greats of Glenelg include the most influential Glenelg Football Club people - administrators, support staff and players. The prestigious title was established as the highest official honour the "Football Club can bestow on its players and Officials". The Greats of Glenelg have been 'dedicated servants of the club". Each Of the 18 men who make up this elite group has had a profound, permanent impact on the club.

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Graeme Bignell

picture of Graeme Bignell
Great of Glenelg
A successful businessman and strong leader Bignell had a solid partnership with Graham Cornes when he was President in those halcyon years in the mid to late 1980s. A benefactor of Glenelg Football Club. Graeme was chairman of automotive retailer Adtrans Group, the company he founded, for 23 years until 2011.

  • Vice-president 1972-75, 1978-86
  • President 1986-89
  • Vice-president since 1990
  • Life member 1988.

Tom Bonnily

picture of Tom Bonnily
Great of Glenelg
Made his name as a Toyota dealer but played a major part in the rise of Glenelg from an also­ ran to pacesetter as chairman for 13 years from 1965 to 1977. Also was involved in key years of SANFL development when Football Park was established.

  • Chairman management committee 1965-77
  • SANFL management committee in 1970s
  • Glenelg vice-president since 1978
  • League life member
  • Glenelg life member 1974

Dr Owen Bowering

picture of Dr Owen Bowering
Great of Glenelg
An absolute gentleman who was a key part of the Glenelg Football Club for more than three decades as medical officer. His son Richard later carried on the tradition as club doctor.

  • Medical officer 1949-82
  • AMA president in SA
  • Glenelg life member 1959

Warren Brown

picture of Warren Brown
Great of Glenelg
A long time committeeman, vice-president and vice-patron , whose support for Tiger players was legendary. A man with a quick wit, he was loved by the players, whom he frequently entertained.

  • Committee 1950-58
  • Vice-president 1959-88
  • Life member 1959
  • Vice-patron 1980-88

Peter Carey

picture of Peter Carey
Great of Glenelg
The nickname "Super" says it all. A legend on the playing field, with a record 448 games for the Tigers from 1971 to 1988, arguably our greatest ever player, three time premiership player (twice as captain), kicked six goals from centre half-forward in the 1973 grand final, triple best and fairest winner, and then president for three years from 2020 to 2022.

  • Played an Australian record 448 games and kicked 521 goals for Glenelg between 1971-88
  • Best and fairest 1975, 1979, 1981
  • Leading goalkicker 1973 (70)
  • Captain 1983-88
  • All-Australian in 1979 and 1980
  • Played 19 State games
  • First Fos Williams Medallist in 1981
  • Club President 2020-2022

Graham Cornes

picture of Graham Cornes
Great of Glenelg
As a player and coach he was a dominant figure at Glenelg from 1967 to 1990, playing 317 and coaching 149 games, before becomimg inaugural Adelaide Crows coach in 1991. His first season in 1967 coincided with the arrival of Neil Kerley as coach and Glenelg emerged from the wilderness to become a regular finals participant. Played a legendary role in the 1973 premiership when he leapt for his historic mark and booted the goal that gave Glenelg the lead in the dying minutes. Then after two years serving a coaching apprenticeship at South Adelaide, he returned to the Bay and coached Glenelg to successive premierships in 1985 and 1986.

  • Played 317 games and kicked 347 goals for Glenelg between 1967-82
  • Glenelg coach 1985-1990, reaching 5 Grand Finals in 6 years, incl. 2 premierships
  • Played 5 games for North Melbourne in 1979 and 47 games for South Adelaide in 1983-84
  • Glenelg best and fairest 1968, 1972, 1974
  • Leading goalkicker 1977 (72)
  • Captain 1978
  • Played 21 State games
  • All-Australian in 1979 and 1980
  • Won Tassie Medal in 1980, Simpson Medal in 1979
  • State captain in 1978
  • State coach 1986-88, 1992-95, 1999
  • Named All­ Australian coach in 1987-88
  • Had an incredible 6-2 win-loss record against Victoria in State­ of-Origin matches
  • Adelaide's inaugural coach 1991-94, taking club to 1993 preliminary fmal

Nick Chigwidden

picture of Nick Chigwidden
Great of Glenelg
An enormous contributor to the club for over three decades. He played 293 games from 1987 to 2000, winning the best and fairest award for 4 consecutive years, was club captain for 8 years, and then became club president for 8 years from 2012 to 2019.

  • Played 293 games -- 1987 to 2000
  • 8 seasons as Captain -- 1993 to 2000
  • 4X Best and Fairest winner -- 1991 to 1994
  • 8 years Club President
  • 2X Runner-up in Magarey Medal -- 1993, 1999
  • Great of Glenelg Inductee in 2020
  • SA Football Hall of Fame Inductee in 2023

Ray Curnow

picture of Ray Curnow
Great of Glenelg
An integral part of Glenelg from his reserves debut in 1929 until his death in 1976, the club could not have had a more loyal servant. Played 88 league games from 1931 to 1938, was league coach from 1941 to 1948, club secretary for a record 19 years from 1954 to 1972. In over 40 years of service, he contributed to the Bays in just about every way.

  • Played 88 games 1931-38
  • Senior Colts coach 1939-40
  • League Coach 1941, 1945, July 1946-1948
  • Coach West-Glenelg 1943-44
  • Management committee 1939-53
  • Deputy chairman 1949-53
  • Secretary for 19 years, 1954-72, then Secretary of Footballers' Club from 1973 until his death in 1976

John H Ellers

picture of John H Ellers
Great of Glenelg
"John H. Ellers is his name." It was the catchcry for one of SA's best-known Holden dealerships and it became a significant part of Glenelg's great years of the late 1960s and '70s. President for 12 years in an era which saw Glenelg grow from a "social club" to one of the best football clubs in the country and something of a trendsetter, being the first club to appoint a board of directors, the first to offer full membership to women and first to appoint a full­ time director of youth coaching. A great club benefactor. He died in 2001.

  • Vice-president 1968
  • President 1968-80
  • Life member 1977
  • Vice-president since 1981

Tom Gleghorn

picture of Tom Gleghorn
Great of Glenelg
Tom's art works are represented in galleries across Australia, and in the National Gallery of Australia. He was honoured with the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the arts as a painter and teacher.
A much-loved, humble character of the Glenelg Football Club, Thomas Gleghorn has strongly contributed to the club over the years by donating paintings and designing wine labels that have raised substantial funds.

  • Inducted as a Great of Glenelg in 2013 for Outstanding Service and Dedication

Reg Hopgood

picture of Reg Hopgood
Great of Glenelg
Legendary head trainer from 1935 to 1979, who treated countless Glenelg footballers on his dining room table in Bath St. It was not unusual for him to have three to five players at his house at one time, his treatment most often being with thumbs, hot water and towels and usually very effective.

  • Reserves trainer 1930-34
  • Trainer 1935-84
  • Head trainer 1935-79
  • Life member 1944

Neil Kerley

picture of Neil Kerley
Great of Glenelg
The man who turned Glenelg from a social club into one of the most feared football clubs in the nation in a magnificent 10 year coaching career from 1967 to 1976, in which the club reached five grand finals and won the 1973 premiership.

Tribute to Neil Kerley by Peter Cornwall

  • Played 59 games and kicked 37 goals for Glenelg between 1967 – 69
  • Captain Coach 1967 – 69
  • Coach 1967 – 76
  • Best and Fairest 1967
  • Glenelg Life Member 1976

Harry Kernahan

picture of Harry Kernahan
Great of Glenelg
As a lanky ruckman Harry Kernahan first won over Tiger fans in 1959. A wonderful player who showed just how talented he was in State footy, Kernahan was the club's general manager through its most successful years from 1973-87. During this time, Glenelg won three of its four premierships and the next generation of Kernahan stars emerged in sons Stephen and David.

  • Played 176 games and kicked 149 goals for Glenelg between 1959-65 and 1969-71
  • Captain 1964-65
  • 10 State games
  • Leading goalkicker 1960 (29)
  • Assistant coach 1971-72
  • Secretary/general manager 1973-87

Barry Mair

picture of Barry Mair
Great of Glenelg
Progressed from grass roots to chairman in a complete involvement with the club he loved.

  • Colts committee 1960-64
  • Second 18 committee 1965
  • A grade committee 1966-68, 1974-77
  • Chairman management committee 1978-80
  • SANFL Second 18 secretary 1969-73
  • Glenelg life member 1975

George Rigelsford

picture of George Rigelsford
Great of Glenelg
The long-serving treasurer became an institution at the club, where he would be seen at every function and every game.

  • Colts committee 1954-59
  • Committee of management 1962-65
  • Second 18 committee 1960-64
  • Glenelg Football Club treasurer 1965, 1967-85
  • Life member 1964

John Robinson

picture of John Robinson
Great of Glenelg
Started as a player at the Bay in 1957 and has been seen in a variety of roles since – junior and senior colts coach, selector, chairman of selectors, committee man and chairman from 1987-95. A member of the Hall of Fame selection committee right up until his passing in 2022.

  • 46 league games 1957-59
  • Junior colts coach 1960
  • Senior colts coach 1961-62
  • Selector 1967-71 and chairman of selectors under John Nicholls, John Halbert, Kym Hodgeman and Mark Williams
  • Management committee 1976-95
  • Chairman 1987-95

Laurie Rosewarne

picture of Laurie Rosewarne
Great of Glenelg
Gave over 40 years of extensive service to the Club through his playing and coaching career as well as various administrative roles within the club.
Throughout Laurie’s time at Glenelg Football Club he has been Assistant Secretary, on the Management Committee, Youth Coaching Director, Under 19 coach, General Manager of the Football Club, on the Board, Member and Chairman of the Past Players and Officials Committee and part of the Hall of Fame Selection committee.

  • Played 169 games from 1965 to 1973
  • Vice Captain 1972-73
  • Manager/Secretary 1987-1992
  • 2015 Great of Glenelg Inductee

Alf Wadham

picture of Alf Wadham
Great of Glenelg
He played three league games for the club in 1922 before becoming a Vice-president for nearly 30 years and Vice-patron from 1980-89. A marvellous benefactor

  • Vice-president 1956-58, 1964-89
  • Vice-patron 1980-89
  • Life member 1972