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Summary of Glenelg's Seasons

The average percentage of games won in a season for each finishing position for all teams in the SANFL since 1907 is: 1st-78%, 2nd-68%, 3rd-63%, 4th-57%, 5th-50%, 6th-42%, 7th-32%, 8th-23%. In the chart below Glenelg's final ladder positions for each season have been placed at about the levels of these percentages, so any season where the BAR representing the actual win % is significantly above or below the corresponding ladder position is an indication that the team may have under or over achieved in terms of their final ranking.
Based on these discrepancies, the GREEN BARS are seasons where the team may have over-achieved in finals, and the RED BARS are seasons where the team may have under-achieved in finals. YELLOW CIRCLES are seasons where Glenelg played finals, ORANGE CIRCLES are seasons where they did not play finals, RED CIRCLES are wooden spoons.
Obviously this is a simplistic analysis of Glenelg's results only and does not take into account the quality of opposition teams in individual seasons.
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Chart of glenelg ladder positions since 1921
Chart of glenelg's average points for and against per game since 1921
Chart of glenelg's finals results since 1921

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